Wanted to do a little test for the Soundcloud player (in a WordPress blog).

Here’s a tune I put together 4 years ago.

I had made an earlier version where it says, the piece is:

based on the essay “On Copying and Owning” by Chris Drost at drostie.org/on_copying.html. With sounds from LMMS and beat similar to www.home.no/mlinux/us-lmms.txt (Mikkel Meinike Nielsen). Text-to-speech by MARYTTS, mary.dfki.de; the voice is cmu-slt-hsmm (Note: Chris Drost updated his essay in the mean time; I liked the original!)

Three notes:

  • The MARY text-to-speech system was a lot of fun to work with (they have an online demo).
  • The theme of the song is still totally relevant.
  • The Chris Drost (drostie.org) website is no longer available (Summer 2016).